Professional Pest Control For Reidville, SC Property Owners

The town of Reidville, SC, is a close-knit community filled with small-town charm. There's a certain warmth to the neighborhood that makes it irresistibly welcoming. So welcoming, in fact, all kinds of local pest populations are drawn to Reidville properties. Unfortunately, our homes and businesses are susceptible to the nightmares that come with pest infestations, and that's a huge threat that you must address. The best way to guard your Reidville property against a pest infestation is to get help from a team of experienced pest professionals.

Welcome to Greenville Pest Control, your local source for comprehensive residential and commercial pest control services. Our local, family owned and operated company has been servicing homes and businesses throughout Spartanburg County and the surrounding areas since 1994. Customer service is our top priority, and we make it a point to work with you in order to develop the right treatment plan for your pest problem. Call us today to learn more.

Home Pest Control In Reidville, SC

Household pest infestations can have serious health and safety consequences for you and your loved ones, which is why we recommend ongoing services from the pest pros. Greenville Pest Control is here to protect you. Our home pest control services guard over 830 local homes with complete pest protection.

Our process consists of the following.

  • Inspection: Thorough examination around eaves, doors, windows, overhangs, and conducive areas
  • Services: De-webbing, de-nesting around eaves, perimeter treatments around the foundation, and interior treatment around active and conducive areas
  • Follow-upp: Ongoing services for the exterior and the interior is treated upon request

We conduct all of our treatments with you and your family's safety at the forefront of our minds. Our team goes above and beyond to provide our valued customers with the exceptional pest protection they deserve. Reach out to us today to get a free pest evaluation.


Here Are Four Mosquito Control Tips For Reidville Residents

mosquito biting skin

Mosquitoes are vector pests that are capable of much worse than an itchy bite. They can transmit a variety of serious illnesses into their hosts, meaning if you have mosquitoes on your property, you and your loved ones are at risk.

Here are four preventative tips to help you protect yourself:

  1. Apply insect repellent when spending time outdoors.
  2. Get rid of any sources of standing water.
  3. If needed, fix all insect screens in doors and windows.
  4. Wear permethrin or DEET-treated clothing.

These tips are a great place to start in your mosquito prevention efforts; however, sometimes, these vectors make their way onto your property anyhow. The best source of mosquito control is from a team of pest professionals.

Here at Greenville Pest Control, we provide year-round mosquito control and prevention services that local homeowners can count on. Call us today to get started.

How You Can Eradicate Cockroaches In Reidville, SC

smokey brown cockroach

Cockroaches are extremely unsanitary pests that can infest and spread pathogens throughout your property. That exposes you to a long list of diseases.

In order to reduce your chances of a cockroach infestation, it's crucial to eliminate any conducive conditions. Being proactive in your prevention efforts is the best approach to cockroach control, as once they infest, they can be hard to get rid of.

To eliminate cockroach entry points:

  • Apply weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  • Eliminate sources of excess moisture in and around the property.
  • Install dehumidifiers in moisture-rich areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement.
  • Reduce clutter and make sure to vacuum the floor and under the furniture.
  • Regularly sweep beneath the stove and the refrigerator.
  • Take the trash out regularly and keep it sealed outside in a metal container.

If you think there may be cockroaches on your property, the most effective way to deal with the situation is to seek help from a professional pest control company.

The Greenville Pest Control team is here to detect all cockroaches, rid them from your property, and make the necessary exclusions and modifications to keep them out all year long. Call us today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Reidville, SC

Here at Greenville Pest Control, we offer dependable commercial pest solutions you can trust. Our licensed technicians have the experience needed to deal with all kinds of common area pests, some of which include bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, spiders, birds, mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, ticks, stinging insects, and termites. We service many local businesses, such as warehouses, medical offices, nursing homes, restaurants, bars, strip malls, shopping centers, daycare, office buildings, and many others. We also service USDA/FDA facilities, state, and local government facilities.

After a complete inspection of the premises, we'll come up with the best treatment strategy. Our services are customized to meet your facility's needs, and we provide weekly or bi-weekly follow-up visits to keep things pest-free moving forward. Our commercial pest control services are available for general pest control, rodent control, fly control, and bird control. Whatever your pest problem, get in touch with us today. We'll tackle the problem together.

The Most Effective Way To Kill Bed Bugs In Reidville

Dealing with a bed bug infestation is unlike any other pest for several reasons.

Bed bugs are excellent at hiding in tiny cracks and crevices where they can lay their eggs, making them challenging to find. They don't only infest beds and sleeping areas but can spread into any room in a home. DIY control methods don't target bed bugs at every lifecycle, which is essential to effectively eliminating this pest.

Professional pest control services are the best way to care for bed bugs in your home. At Greenville Pest Control, our bed bug control services consist of:

  • Inspection: Our experts will thoroughly inspect your house to look for bed bug signs in every room and confirm this is the pest you are experiencing.
  • Preparation: Before implementing treatments, we ask that you complete a prep sheet, which will help protect your belongings and ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Treatment:  We treat your home using heat treatment, which targets every life stage of bed bugs, doesn't require chemicals, and we complete in a day.
  • Follow-up: After home treatment, we will place monitoring traps and provide a 90-day warranty, so if there are still bed bugs during this time, we will return and re-treat.

Call us at Greenville Pest Control for help with bed bugs in your Reidville home. 

Why Homes In Reidville Need Professional Termite Protection 

There are many reasons why you should protect your home against termites with professional pest control services. Termites don't only affect older homes; they can be an issue on any property, and this wood-destroying pest can go undetected for extended amounts of time, which allows them to do more damage.

If termites are present, there is a chance you also have a moisture issue, which can allow mold and fungus to grow. Getting rid of termites once they are inside a structure isn't a simple process, and people often wait until there is an active infestation to get the necessary assistance. Still, you can get ahead of this pest with preventative measures.

With professional assistance, you don't have to worry about termites becoming an issue. Contact Greenville Pest Control today!

Reidville's Comprehensive Guide To Ant Identification  

With the many types of ants in our area, it can be overwhelming to identify the species causing issues on your property. However, knowing what ants you are dealing with is essential to effective removal and prevention. To help you, here is a comprehensive guide for common ant species in Reidville:

  • Carpenter ants: About 1/2 to 5/8 an inch long and usually black, red, or both
  • Fire ants: About 1/8 to 3/8 an inch long and dark reddish-brown
  • Pavement ants: About 1/8 an inch long and dark brown to blackish
  • Pharaoh ants: About 1/16 an inch long and usually pale yellowish with a dark abdomen

Sugar ants is a term used to cover many small species that are attracted to sugary foods. Pavement ants are one species that is considered sugar ants. Other types of sugar ants are a similar size at about 1/8 an inch long. 

If you are still having trouble with ant identification, there is no need to worry. Pest control experts can assist. For the best ant control solutions, reach out to us at Greenville Pest Control.

The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Mice And Rats Out Of Your Reidville Home

While there are differences between mice and rats, they infest similarly and understanding how they do this is the best way to keep rodents out of your home. 

Rodents are opportunists and take advantage of the residential food properties, so they might infest your home if there is access to garbage, debris, poorly stored food, and bird feeders. They will also look for water such as ponds, bird baths, and leaking pipes. 

Besides food and water, shelter is another factor that can make your home attractive to rodents. Mice and rats seek a place close to food and where they will avoid natural predators. Your home can provide just the place for them, especially if there are entry points. 

Rats only need a hole the size of a penny to squeeze through, while mice can get through a hole the size of a dime. They can get inside through damage along the foundation or roofline, holes around windows and doors, damaged screens, gaps around pipes, and uncovered vents.

By eliminating the food, water, and entry points on your property, you can reduce the likelihood of a rodent infestation.

Contact us at Greenville Pest Control for the prevention of the different types of rodents that affect residential homes. 


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