The Key To Keeping Mice Out of Your Greenville, South Carolina Home

February 14, 2022

If you were to imagine the most dangerous pests in Greenville, you might think of species such as spiders or wasps. But, what many people don't know is that mice are actually some of the most harmful and also frequent, home-invading pests in the area.

The common house mouse regularly invades area homes, and they are great at adapting to live alongside humans. Over the centuries, these tiny rodents have thrived in all kinds of homes, apartments, and buildings. They use our homes as shelters, and we provide them with lots of access to food, water, and shelter.

Because of this, house mice are one of the most challenging pests to completely prevent and control. Still, there are steps you can learn and follow to reduce the chances of an infestation.

a house mouse on a plant

Identifying House Mice In Greenville

The house mouse is sometimes mistaken for rat species, but they are significantly smaller at only around six inches long, including their tails. They also have longer, thinner tails than rats and larger eyes and ears in proportion to their bodies. These mice have brown-grey fur on their bodies, but their underbellies are a light, cream color.

Issues Associated With A Rodent Problem

While they might look tiny and even rather adorable, mice aren't something you want to encounter. They are destructive and dangerous. To start with, they will constantly chew through many things around your home as they must do so to keep their teeth from growing too long. They can chew through many sturdy materials, including drywall, wires, pipes, wood, and more. This damage can cost a lot of money and be an immense pain to repair.

Secondly, house mice are dangerous because they pose so many health risks such as:

  • Being able to spread many diseases, including salmonella and hantavirus
  • Carrying fleas and parasites which can spread more illnesses like the Bubonic plague
  • Causing allergy attacks and asthma
  • Leading to other respiratory problems as their feces, urine, and fur builds up and spread throughout a home

There's no doubt that mice in Greenville homes are bad news, so how can we keep mice out?

Effective Ways To Prevent Mice 

While house mice might be harder than many other pests to keep out, there are a few practical measures you can implement to deter them. Some of the best ways to prevent mice include:

  • Storing pet food indoors in sealed containers
  • Sealing up cracks in walls and the foundation using steel wool or wire mesh that mice can't chew through
  • Regularly cleaning kitchens as mice can live off of all kinds of food items, including small scraps
  • Placing lids over all garbage cans and cleaning up trash from around your property
  • Covering all vent openings with wire mesh

By minimizing food sources and limiting entry points, you can significantly reduce your chances of a mouse infestation.

Why Professional Help Is Essential To Remove A Mouse Infestation

If these mice have already found their way into your home, it's a losing game to try to remove them using DIY methods. House mice can reproduce quickly and hide in so many places that most traps and baits found at stores won't address the entire infestation.

Instead, let the professionals at Greenville Pest Control provide home pest control you can rely on. Our team will eradicate any existing mouse infestations, and then, we work with you to provide ongoing mouse control treatments.

Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control options! 

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