How Dangerous Are Rats In Greenville? 

February 15, 2021

There is so much to see and do in Greenville, especially during the warm summer months that are rapidly approaching. However, some things, in particular, are less than eye-catching testaments to the city’s evolution, including the presence of rats and mice. 

a full grown rat on a pantry shelf

It is an unfortunate reality that most rodents found in Greenville are dangerous vectors of disease and infection for home and business owners alike. Rats are the biggest and the worst of the rodent group and are capable of spreading so much more than just a few pathogens.  
From the black rat to the Norway rat to everything in between, there are a few physical characteristics that help to distinguish rats from other types of rodents. A few of these characteristics include:

  • Long, pink, and scaly tails
  • Fur colors range from black and brown to grey and white 
  • Short, almost angular ears 
  • Blunt snouts with less pronounced whiskers 
  • Long frontal teeth that are easy to spot from a distance

Rats have a peculiar liking for habitats in the less sanitary areas of town. Places such as dumpsites, kitchens, sewer systems, and even commercial restaurants offer plenty of food and drink for growing colonies. What’s worse, their highly dependent relationship with human beings makes their presence in the Greenville area that much more dangerous. If you are concerned about rodents such as rats getting into your Greenville home, you are not alone. Here are some of the reasons why they need to be kept out at all costs!

The Problems That Come With Rats Getting Into Homes In Greenville

Rats create all sorts of serious concerns for Greenville homeowners, ranging from physical property destruction to mental stress to serious health concerns. In other words, their activity can spread destruction, disease, and parasites anywhere they roam.

Rats can spread illnesses such as hantavirus directly through their waste. Other viruses, including some deadly ones, may be contracted through the consumption of contaminated food products or infected water sources. Still more serious, some parasite eggs may be broadcasted with the establishment of a rodent colony, heightening your risk for disease. 
Due to their constantly growing teeth, rats need to chew on hard or solid objects relatively frequently. As such, a household rat infestation will likely chew through walls, destroy furniture, and gnaw on baseboards surrounding the nest. 
Rats frequently scrounge about the house for edible or easily accessible dry goods. Cereals, grains, even powdered milks may be pilfered by these rodents. 

Rats bring colossal problems, which make them more colossal pains in the rear. Here are a few ways to prevent rats from becoming a problem around your Greenville home.

Rats can fit through holes the size of a quarter! Double down on entry point protection by caulking and sealing anything that shows signs of damage. 
Control your garbage output in the home by sealing and disposing of all food waste immediately after it is created. 
Use a dehumidifier in the house to cut back on lingering air moisture or water puddles. 

Need more help? Call the experts at Greenville Pest Control for answers right away.

Safely Protect Your Home With The Pros At Greenville Pest Control

Rats in your home are certainly not convenient, and they certainly won’t make their removal any easier for you than it needs to be. That’s why the safest and most effective way to handle a rat infestation is to contact the professionals at Greenville Pest Control immediately. Call, click, or visit with us today to get started on the rat control plan that’s right for you. We can't wait to get started! 

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