A Practical Guide To Effective Rodent Control For Greenville Homes

December 5, 2022

Greenville homeowners face a constant battle against unwanted rodents. These pests can damage property, spread disease, and cause other problems. Greenville Pest Control will provide tips on effectively excluding rodents from your home and keeping them from returning. If you have a rodent problem, call us for all your Greenville pest control needs.

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About The Rats And Mice In Greenville

Here in Greenville, there are a few different types of rodents that tend to invade our homes:

  • Norway rats: These rats are also called brown rats or wharf rats. They are the larger of the two main types of rats and can grow up to 18 inches long (including their tails). Norway rats are usually brown or gray in color, with a lighter underside.
  • Roof rats: Also called black or ship rats, roof rats are smaller than Norway rats, growing up to 16 inches long from nose to tail. As their name suggests, roof rats are good climbers found in attics or upper floors of homes. They are usually black or brown in color.
  • House mice: House mice grow up to eight inches long from nose to tail. These small rodents are brown or gray in color, with a lighter underside. House mice are good climbers and can squeeze through tiny openings.
  • Field mice: Field mice, true to their name, are usually found in meadows and grassy areas, but they do sometimes invade homes. They are typically brown on top and white on the bottom.

You can find these rodents in Greenville homes. But no matter what type of rodent you have, one thing is for sure; they are all pests you need to control.

Rodents Can Spread Disease And Damage Property

Rodents are not just a nuisance; they can also pose a serious health risk to humans. Rodents can carry and transmit several serious diseases, including hantavirus, salmonellosis, and leptospirosis. In addition, rodents can also damage your home. Rats and mice like to gnaw on wood, insulation, and electrical wires leading to fires and damaging your home's structure.

If you notice any signs of rodents, such as droppings or gnawed-on items, call Greenville Pest Control immediately. We'll help you get rid of the rodents and keep them from returning.

Five Eco-Friendly Rodent Exclusion Tips For Around The House

The best way to deal with all kinds of rodents is to prevent them from getting into your home in the first place. Here are five eco-friendly tips for keeping rodents out:

  1. Seal cracks or holes outside your home, including around doors and windows.
  2. Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.
  3. Keep food and garbage properly sealed and stored away from your home.
  4. Remove any clutter, such as boxes or piles of paper, from inside your home.
  5. Plant some plants that repel rodents, such as mint or citronella, around the perimeter of your home.

These tips will help you keep rodents out of your home, but if you already have a rodent problem, call Greenville Pest Control. We will work with you to find the best solution for your particular situation.

The Key To Total Rodent Control For Your Home

The best way to keep all rodents out of your home is to partner with Greenville Pest Control. We can help you eliminate any existing rodent problems and implement a comprehensive exclusion and prevention plan to keep them from returning. Since 1994, we have been Greenville's go-to pest control company. We are family-owned and operated, and we take pride in our work. Call us today to get started on keeping your home rodent-free.

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