Why Are There Mice In My Greenville Home?  

January 15, 2021

They came, they saw, and now they’re planning on conquering your home through hostile takeover! Rodents like mice are some of the most common home-invading pests in the world, especially here in Greenville. Between a high-density population and the surrounding forests of South Carolina, mice in our city are here to stay. 

a house mouse crawling in a cupboard in a home

As you might well imagine, mice can be extremely dangerous to both homeowners and the properties in which they live. From the destruction of walls and furniture to the spread of serious disease, mice should never be allowed to outstay their (very short) welcome. 
House mice are a little different from the mice you can buy at the pet store. In fact, they may be easily identified through these behaviors and characteristics: 

  • House mice are rarely any larger than 2.5 to 3.75 inches long. 
  • Mice tails are often thin, pink, and slightly fuzzy. You will likely see tails ranging from 2.75 to 4 inches long. 
  • Fur patterns of black, grey, white, and brown are common for house mice, as well as a white belly that reaches from tip to tail. 
  • You will usually hear or see house mice in the evening hours, or scurrying about in total darkness. As nocturnal animals, these rodents rarely become active during times where humans are awake and alert. 

House mice are a serious issue to have in the home. With a little extra effort, you could protect your home from pest activity all spring long.

Reducing The Factors That Attract House Mice To Greenville

There are quite literally hundreds of factors that may be drawing house mice closer to your Greenville home. While some of these may be easily managed by some careful prevention steps, others must simply be reduced or mitigated to the best of your abilities. Here are a few reasons why house mice could be attracted to your home:

Entry points such as tiny cracks allow mice to move from the lawn into the home. 
Opened doors or windows with perforated or broken screens let mice squeeze by. 
Homes with unsealed roof structures or roof rot may allow certain species to gain access to the house.

Mice will choose to infest a home for the same reasons people live in them: food, water, and shelter. Since these tiny critters can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter, the odds of keeping them out go down with every entry point present in the house. 
Follow these mouse prevention steps to keep rodents out of your Greenville home:

  • Properly seal up all food and trash items around the house.  
  • Seal up potential entry points with materials that mice cannot chew through. For a full list of these materials, please call Greenville Pest Control. 
  • Reduce the amount of available water in the home by using a dehumidifier or desiccant bag. Empty and reuse these items often. 

Still concerned that your house mouse prevention won’t be enough to keep them out this spring? Schedule a home inspection from Greenville Pest Control to get the situation handled immediately.

House Mice Don’t Stand A Chance Against Greenville Pest Control

DIY (do it yourself) traps, home remedies, and over the counter baits and sprays won't ever get rid of your entire house mouse infestation, no matter how hard you try. Instead of waiting for a miracle, contact the rodent professionals at Greenville Pest Control for a treatment process that simply can’t be topped.

With a wide range of available experts, professional-strength treatment products, and proven removal technologies, Greenville Pest Control has what it takes to remove rodents from your property as soon as possible. Contact us today and join the pest control family now! 

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