What To Do If You Think Your Greenville Home Has Termites

May 15, 2023

When it comes to people living around Greenville, South Carolina, you will find friendly folks, diverse neighborhoods, and a healthy dose of Southern hospitality. To make communities even more inviting, the locals have brought nature into their city by planting trees and foliage. Enjoying the beauty of nature within Greenville's city limits is great until termites appear inside homes. Without pest control in Greenville, these wood-eating insects may significantly impact the structural soundness of homes over time.

termite on painted wood

About The Termite Caste System

Subterranean termites in Greenville are common home invaders. These insects are community-minded, working together for the benefit of their colony. To have a flourishing colony, each member of the "community" has a job to do. A termites caste system gets divided into three parts.

The three roles of a termite caste system are as follows:

  • Reproductives
  • Workers
  • Soldiers

The reproductive caste keeps the colony growing. The members of this caste consist of a king, queen, and alates (winged termites). The queen is the essential member of the reproductives, laying up to 1,000 eggs daily. When colonies grow overly large, the alates' job is to leave the nest, mate, and establish a new colony. Much work goes into keeping the colony thriving; therefore, the worker caste is the largest. They search for food, care for their nest mates, and repair damages to their nest. While all this work is going on, the soldier cast protects the colony. Their armored heads and large, sharp jaws aid them in defending the colony from outside enemies. Termite colonies run like a well-oiled machine; once they get inside homes, they are next to impossible to get out without help from a termite expert near you like Greenville Pest Control.

How To Identify Signs Of Termite Damage

Termites are tiny, and most species can access homes from under the soil. They consume wood silently from the inside out, thus nicknamed "silent destroyers." If termites are not removed from homes quickly, signs of their presence will become evident. Homeowners may notice uneven or bubbling paint. Wood fixtures may appear to darken or blister, and wood around homes may easily crumble when poked. If you tap wood and it sounds hollow, this may also indicate a termite problem. Since termites want a clean house, they push their feces out of small holes near their nest; homeowners may notice small piles underneath wood that look like sawdust. When signs of termites in your home become evident, quick action is needed. Greenville Pest Control has termite treatments that can stop termite damage in homes.

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Termites

The termite control professionals at Greenville Pest Control have been protecting customers from area pests since 1994. Our company is locally owned and operated. We are known as a company that exceeds expectations to satisfy those we serve. While our licensed and experienced technicians take care of pest problems, the safety of our customers and their families is always at the top of our priority list. Are you worried about the environment? We offer all-natural products to address your pest issues. Active termites are not a pest you want to fight alone. Contact Greenville Pest Control today for a free pest evaluation or to ask about our WDI reports.

Practical Tips To Prevent Termites From Coming Back

After Greenville Pest Control has removed termites from your home, prevention becomes critical in the battle against future infestations. Homeowners that are both vigilant and proactive can do much to deter termites from re-entering homes.

Six practical tips that can help dissuade termites from returning to your home are as follows:

  1. Remove wood debris from yards and never bury wood products.
  2. Seal cracks as small as 1/16 of an inch around foundations.
  3. Don't allow standing water to accumulate around foundations.
  4. Eliminate any wood contact with the soil.
  5. Ensure gutters are in good repair and drain away from foundations.
  6. Ventilate areas with a high moisture content; use dehumidifiers.

Termites on the hunt for food are tenacious. Even the best preventative measures can sometimes fail. The pest professionals at Greenville Pest Control are local and ready to help with all your termite and pest control issues; we've got your back!

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