How Bed Bug Infestations Start In Greenville, SC Homes

July 15, 2021

You could be enjoying a great night's sleep when suddenly, you realize there's a problem. Seemingly out of nowhere, you have itchy bumps on your exposed skin and bloodstains on your sheets. Unfortunately, these are signs that your Greenville home could be the site of a bed bug infestation. Find out how these infestations start and what you should do about them.

Anyone's Home Could Be A Bed Bug Breeding Ground

There's a negative association between bed bugs and filth. After all, most Greenville, SC pests thrive in dirty conditions. Unlike cockroaches, ants, and flies, bed bugs aren't attracted to your garbage or your leftover food. They are attracted to you, your family, and your pets. Bed bugs only feed on animal and human blood. Therefore, they don't need to live in a home with crumbs or dust. To survive, they need to find a house with people in it. Even that isn't an immediate necessity because bed bugs can last for months without a meal. 

a group of bed bugs infesting a bed frame

How Bed Bugs Invade

Every pest has to come from somewhere, and this is true for bed bugs. Whether you have bed bugs in Greenville or you're just trying to learn how to protect your home, you may want to know how these pests get inside. There are several ways in which bed bugs invade, but the most common method is by hitchhiking. If you travel a lot, you are likely to encounter bed bugs in a hotel or an airport. Bed bugs live in these places because there are plenty of hosts. With an abundance of people sitting and sleeping, hotels and airports give bed bugs easy meal targets.

These pests don't only affect you while you're traveling. After feeding on you, bed bugs could crawl into your suitcase or jacket and ride home with you. Long after you return home, you could experience trouble with bed bugs. Once inside your home, these rapid breeders take over.

Crawling Into Your Home

Although bed bugs prefer to hitchhike, they can also crawl. While they don't travel long distances, they could come from a nearby apartment or townhome. Bed bugs are small enough to fit under your door and through cracks. Because of their small size, bed bugs are almost impossible to keep up. You may be able to seal up your home from roaches, but you can't keep out bed bugs without professional help.

Hiding In Second-Hand Goods

You can find some great buys at thrift stores, but those purchases could put your home in danger. At times, bed bugs are lurking in second-hand furniture and clothing. Before you bring home any items, check for signs of bed bugs. Your inspection should include looking for bloodstains, fecal stains, and shed skins. If you look in the crevices of furniture with a flashlight, you might see actual bed bugs. They're small, flat, and brown.

Can You Keep Bed Bugs Away?

If you travel frequently, you should be especially cautious and on the lookout for bed bugs. Before you sleep in a hotel, look under the sheets or mattress for bed bugs or shed skins. Store your luggage on an elevated surface away from the wall, or you risk taking home a hitchhiker or two. You should also check used items for signs of bed bugs or avoid bringing them home altogether. If you still end up with these annoying pests, act with haste. You need a professional team to eliminate your bed bugs.

Here at Greenville Pest Control, our trained technicians can help. We're highly responsive and use the most effective methods of bed bug removal. Call us today to learn more.

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