Why You Should Call The Pros About Rodents In Your Greenville Home

January 7, 2021

What are some jobs you can think of that you would not try to do on your own? Most people wouldn't take on tasks that they know nothing about or that could get them hurt, such as cleaning the gutters on a home with three stories, fixing a severely clogged bath drain, or repairing a car that occasionally makes screeching noises.

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Along with these daunting life problems, there is one other job that you should highly consider hiring a professional for. Here is why you should call the pros if rodents invade your Greenville home.

Common Home Invading Rodents Around Greenville

South Carolina is home to a few different species of rodents. The ones most commonly known for invading homes include brown rats, house mice, and squirrels. To help you understand these three problematic pests, here is a basic description of each.

Brown Rats

Brown Rats are the most common home-invading rats in the world. They have a plump appearance, blunt nose, black eyes, brown fur intermixed with black hairs, and are known to use their many talents to invade homes. A brown rat's biggest advantage is its incredibly strong front teeth, which they use to chew through wood, plastic, vinyl siding, soft concrete, and aluminum siding.

House Mice

House Mice are the most common home-invading mice around the world. This rodent has a small round body, blunt nose, rounded ears, red or black eyes, dusty gray fur, and cream-colored underbelly. This pest's greatest talent is its ability to squeeze through openings as small as a nickel.


Squirrels are more commonly yard pests but will, on occasion, invade attic spaces, basements, or outbuildings. You can identify this rodent by its bushy tail, thick white to grey fur, black eyes, and blunt nose. When looking to come indoors, squirrels use their agility to jump from tree branches, tight-walk across utility wires, and climb up gutters to gain access to the roof of a home.

Problems Rodents Cause

All of the problems that rodents cause can be placed into three categories — annoyance, destruction, and danger.

Rodents cause annoyances with their late-night skittering, food scavenging, and menacing presence.

Rodents damage homes as they chew through walls, rip up insulation, tear apart books, gnaw on furniture, gnaw into utility piping, and sever electrical wires.

Rodents pose serious dangers with the many bacteria, human pathogens, and parasitic worms they pick up and spread to both humans and animals. Some of the most common diseases these pests spread include salmonellosis, hantavirus, and leptospirosis. In addition, rodents also bring fleas and ticks into homes which can pose their own threats to your health.

When To Call A Professional About Rodents

Properly dealing with an infestation of rodents is a lot harder than it seems. As danger presents itself to these furry pests, they adapt to their environment by learning how to avoid traps and sometimes even set them off in order to eat the bait. If you suspect your home has a rodent infestation, here is what we recommend.

Bait some rodent traps with peanut butter and place them near areas you think rodents are traveling. If your infestation is small, you might get lucky and catch the intrusive creatures causing you trouble.

If you don't find success on your own within two weeks, give us a call. At Greenville Pest Control, we understand rodents and have the industrial-grade equipment needed to handle infestations of all shapes and sizes. We will be happy to talk you through our comprehensive rodent control options and find a plan that best suits your needs. Learn more about pest control services in Greenville, SC.


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