Are Pest Birds Causing Problems On Your Greenville Property?

When you think of birds, you probably think of bluebirds, chickadees, or one of the many other pretty birds that are common in Greenville and the surrounding areas. You probably don’t immediately think of damaged buildings, injuries, and scared customers. However, if you have nuisance birds around your commercial property or government facility, those may be exactly the things you think about.

Nuisance birds, such as pigeons, can be a serious problem when they decide to make your property the place they hang out. First of all, they’ll leave their droppings everywhere; this is not only gross, but can also be dangerous. Bird droppings contain dangerous pathogens that can cause illness, they are highly acidic, which can cause damage to whatever they land on, and they can cause slips and falls if a person steps in them.

bird spikes on a building

Nuisance birds are also a serious threat to the health of your building. They will often roost or nest along the roofline, in the eaves, or even inside the building if they can find a way in. When they spend their time on your building, they’ll damage it with their droppings and with their nests. Buildings with solar panels often experience problems when birds build their nests underneath the panels.

Finally, nuisance birds are a threat to the people who come and go from your facility. They’ll scare customers away and make it difficult for employees who simply want to get to work. If they are aggressive, they can even injure people who get too close.

Bird control From Greenville Pest Control

If you have nuisance birds on your commercial or government property, you need the help of Greenville Pest Control. Since 1994, we have been solving pest problems for commercial and government facilities, and bird control is one of our specialties.

When you contact us for bird control, we’ll begin by inspecting your property to determine how bad your bird problem is and where they’re spending their time. We’ll also look at the layout and structure of your facility. This information will help us determine how and where to target our bird control plan to produce the most effective results.

We offer baiting and netting bird control services to remove the birds that are active on your property and prevent new birds from choosing your property as their roosting or nesting area in the future.

For bird control that works, contact Greenville Pest Control today. We can eliminate your bird problem and get you back to business in no time.


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